90 Day Fiance: Rob & Sophie Spotted Together! [Major Spoiler]


90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance: Rob & Sophie Caught Together Amid Split Rumors!

90 Day Fiance viewers were never a fan of Rob and Sophie’s tumultuous journey. The pair had issues in their relationship since their debut. Previously, the reality TV star made headlines for all the controversy around her mother’s arrest. Sophie and Rob have been sharing several updates on their lives while traveling to different locations.

Fans have been speculating a rift between the couple with their latest updates. Recently, a fan shocked everyone on Reddit after posting a picture of the couple together. In it, Rob and Sophie were posing happily with a fan at Disney Land. The former rocked a black T-shirt and blue jeans while his wife sported a beige crop top and pants with a Mickey Mouse ear hairband.

The OP wrote, “Guess they are at Disneyland today. I thought they broke up and she has red hair now.” Several fans rushed to share their thoughts in the comment section. They felt that the couple might be keeping everything under wraps because of their NDA. One fan said, “This should be enough to know that all of them are playing with your frickin minds.”

A lot of them also felt that Sophie was making a mistake by giving Rob another chance. Another fan noted, “Can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves.” Moreover, others noticed how beautiful she looked in her black hair rather than her blonde hair. Further, a different fan added, “he def needs him gone. He’s disgusting.”

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Sierra Shares Pictures Of Her Disney Land Trip Without Rob!

90 Day Fiance fans have been confused about the current dynamics between Rob and Sophie. They have not been sharing any updates on their married life. The reality TV stars are giving several hints about their alleged breakup

through their social media post. But the recent pictures from Disney Land busted all the rumors. Recently, Sophie shared a picture from her latest trip. She posted in her beige crop top and trousers with Mickey Mouse hairband and tagged the location.

90 Day Fiance

However, she didn’t post anything about her husband to keep sprawling split rumors. The reality TV star posted the picture on her story to avoid getting any discussion on her current storyline. Moreover, Rob has also posted a glimpse of his latest trip without showing his wife.


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