90 Day Fiance: Sumit Singh’s Wild & Crazy Side EXPOSED In A Rare Video!

90 Day Fiance star Sumit Singh proved everyone wrong by sticking with Jenny Slatten. Viewers initially doubted his intentions, but the celeb’s love and care for the latter has won many hearts. Hence, the couple is currently living in their happily ever after phase while everything is falling into their favor now.


90 day fiance

Amid all this, fans got a chance to see a completely new side of Sumit. The latter’s wild and crazy side was recently exposed in a rare video, and viewers weren’t able to believe their eyes. What is this all about? Who leaked this clip? What was Sumit doing in it?

90 Day Fiance: Jenny EXPOSED Sumit’s Wild & Crazy Side On Social Media

90 Day Fiance star Sumit Singh introduced his culture to Jenny Slatten, and the latter wholeheartedly accepted it as well. She enjoys every bit of Indian tradition and respects it as well. Hence, the celeb has also developed an interest in a sport named cricket and watched the entire series of matches with her husband.


Jenny recently shared some glimpses of Sumit while they were watching a cricket match. The latter wasn’t able to control his excitement as his country was winning the tournament. Apparently, there was even a point when Singh removed his T-shirt and was featured jumping around the entire house. This lunatic side of Sumit wasn’t something that viewers weren’t actually aware of, and they were in shock!

Sumit was howling at the top of his voice while his excitement couldn’t let him sit and watch the match. He was constantly standing, and happiness was evident on his face. Jenny clearly loved this wild and crazy side of her husband. She wrote a lengthy caption and admitted that she had never witnessed this kind of “passion” in a man for sports. The celeb even thanked India for bringing her interest in cricket while she happily watched the match.

90 Day Fiance: Sumit & Jenny Are Returning To The Franchise?

Sumit and Jenny’s storyline is considered to be one of the most wholesome stories of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Even after having an age gap of 30 years , their chemistry is way better than many of the newbies on the show. Hence, viewers have loved watching these two and are now vouching for their comeback as well.



Fans believe that Sumit and Jenny are a perfect fit for the Happily Ever After spinoff. This is because the former’s family has finally accepted his wife. They have made a bond with Jenny and have accepted her as their daughter-in-law. Hence, viewers are curious to watch their entire journey towards this acceptance.

Sumit and Jenny’s storyline could actually feature the way they convinced the Indian natives and made a place in their hearts. Though they haven’t talked about their comeback yet viewers are willing to watch these two hitting the screens again. Moreover, some wholesome moments between Jenny and her mother-in-law would be the cherry on the cake!

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