A Shocking: Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown rips off mic and yells ‘I can’t watch this!’ before storming off set in wild moment on camera

SISTER Wives’ Robyn Brown has ripped off her microphone during a wild moment caught on camera.

TLC took to Instagram and released an emotional preview of Sunday’s episode.

Robyn Brown burst into tears during an emotional preview

Robyn Brown burst into tears during an emotional previewCredit: TLC

Robyn could barely watch the commitment ceremony from 2013

Robyn could barely watch the commitment ceremony from 2013Credit: TLC

Robyn looked somber as she watched Kody Brown's speech

Robyn looked somber as she watched Kody Brown’s speechCredit: TLC

In the emotional teaser, Robyn Brown, 45, watched throwback clips from her commitment ceremony in 2013.

During the marriage ceremony, Robyn’s husband, Kody Brown, 54, promised to commit his life to hers, along with his exes: Jenelle Brown, 54, Christine Brown, 51, and Meri Brown, 52.

Robyn burst into tears as Kody said in the clip: “The Kody Brown family. We embrace a spirit of abundance and affection, time, opportunity, peace, prosperity…”

The Sister Wives star could not finish watching the footage and wailed: “I can’t watch this again.

“I want to stop it! I can’t watch this!”

Robyn ripped off the mic from her waist and cried: “I’m sorry! I need a break!”

The camera zoomed out as Kody’s wife stormed off the set.


In addition to Sunday’s new installment, there will be a two-part Sister Wives Wedding Special.

The wedding event between Christine and her new husband, David Woolley, 59, will air on January 7, 2024, and January 14, 2024.

In early October, the couple tied the knot at the Red Cliffs Lodge Hotel in Moab, Utah.

In teaser, Robyn was much more composed while Christine’s ex-husband went on a tirade.

Kody boasted: “I knew Christine and David were going to get married. The accusation that I had…”

His last remaining wife interrupted: “Aren’t we so happy for them?”

The TLC star continued: “I’m just telling the whole story.”

Robyn rolled her eyes and said: “We’re so happy for them.”

After 25 years of a spiritual marriage, Christine was the first to leave the polygamist family.

After she split from Kody in November 2021, Meri and Janelle followed suit.

This is not the only time the Brown patriarch went off on a rant.


In late December, during Sister Wives Talk Back episode, the 54-year-old star reacted strongly to a fan’s comment.


The fan commented: “I think it’s awesome that you guys found each other and just want to be together.

“I think you should own it and just say that!”

Kody looked glaringly at the camera and responded: “Well Jeff, I think you’re a victim of 20 hours of our life versus 365 days.”

Robyn jumped in and covered his mouth with both hands.

She said: “You stop. He was being nice.”

Kody replied: “Listen, we didn’t want our family to break up. Isn’t that obvious?”

Robyn became frustrated and said: “You’re right, but, he’s not trying to be rude.”

Kody argued: “Jeff, you’re reading too many tabloids. We didn’t want this breakup. I didn’t want this breakup.”

The duo went back and forth before he closed: “Listen, I’ve gone through three divorces in three years.

“I’m not a happy camper. And I’m not nice.”

Kody pictured with his four wives during happier times

Kody pictured with his four wives during happier times

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