Baby Come😯! Kim Exposed Pregnancy News Secret To Usman! Prepared To Be Shocked

Kim Menes’ surprising career change has caught the attention of her ex, Usman Umar. Kim, who became popular on “90 Day Fiancé” Season 5, is now the new hotel and retail supervisor at Spa Ritual located at Sycuan Casino Resort in El Cajon, California. She shared photos of herself in her new uniform, which Usman acknowledged with supportive emojis. Despite their past arguments over Kim’s inability to have children, they have remained friends.

Kim’s background is diverse, having served in the US Army and worked various jobs, including restaurant management and spa reception. She was also a primary caretaker for her mother, Sally. Kim continues to be active in the influencer space and appears on “Pillow Talk” with her son, Jamal.

Rumors suggest Kim is seeing someone new, but she is keeping the relationship private for now. This mature approach reflects her growth since her relationship with Usman. Fans are eager to see what the future holds for Kim, both professionally and personally.

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