Big news!! 90 Day Fiance: Did Jasmine Pineda Just Introduce Herself To Her New Partner? 2024

Jasmine Pineda, a star of “90 Day Fiancé,” has faced numerous near-breakups with Gino, often preparing to return to Panama after arguments. Despite their frequent conflicts, they always managed to reconcile. However, recent events suggest their relationship may have ended for good. Jasmine shocked viewers by soft-launching a new lover, hinting at a new relationship and showing affection for her new partner.

Jasmine hasn’t shown any signs of being with Gino lately, acting as though they were never together. During a live session, fans noticed her talking to a man with a darker complexion and deeper voice, whom she referred to lovingly as “Shaha.” This interaction, combined with Jasmine discussing dinner plans with the unidentified man, raised eyebrows among fans.

Adding to the speculation, Jasmine has been posting images of roses on social media. She received flowers on Mother’s Day, suggesting someone special was making an effort to win her over. Jasmine even boasted about her mysterious lover’s willingness to change for her.

Fans are eagerly awaiting Jasmine’s response to the rumors about her new relationship and the status of her relationship with Gino. The couple had a history of problems, especially regarding Jasmine’s desire to bring her children to America, which Gino’s carelessness hindered. Despite joining “90 Day: The Last Resort” to work through their issues, it seems they were unable to resolve them and have now separated.

Viewers noticed their distant behavior during their recent appearance in Arizona, further fueling speculation. As fans wait for Jasmine and Gino to address these rumors, it appears their once-romantic relationship has turned into that of strangers.

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