Big News! Lisa Hammes Shocking Defense of Angela Deem – The 90 Day Fiancé War Escalates!

90-day fiance cast member Lisa Ham surfaces to support her best friend Angela deem as the two of them engage in an online fight with a co-star Lisa Ham supports Angela deem in her ongoing feud with Usman numar Throwing Shade at him in an Instagram video Angela and Usman engage in a heated exchange on social media with Usman calling Angela names and claiming he is wealthier Angela and Usman have a history of fighting and it is unlikely they will reconcile anytime soon 90-day fiance before the 90 days star Lisa baby girl ham is supporting Angela deem amid the ladder’s ongoing feud with a cast member from the franchise Angela was on shows such as Mory and Trisha before making her reality TV debuted on 90day fiance with Michael iseni Angela’s loud and obnoxious personality made her famous instantly even though it ALS also earned her a lot of criticism Angela was brutal towards her husband Michael she treated him badly while also getting into verbal fights with 90-day fiance co-stars on social media and during the reunions however Angela has also surprisingly made some friends one of whom is Lisa both of them threw shade at Lisa’s ex-husband oan numar AKA sojja Boy the video showed Angela using usman’s photo as a back drop while she lip sense to the song Crazy by gnarl Barkley Angela sang the lyrics who do you think you are hahaa bless your soul you really think you’re in control Lisa added her own text over Angela’s clip and wrote I see my ex is trying to provoke the queen Lisa wrote that Usman could never be half the man Angela’s husband is you can take that to the bank she declared Usman had a tale of his own to tell his followers he he shared an Instagram story that read you me asterisk asterisk asterisk Angie he wrote that no matter how broke he is he will still be wealthier than Angela’s generation before saying LOL and tagging Angela’s Instagram account don’t try me Gus I am bitter Usman wrote he told Angela that he was not Michael that he was Usman there is difference sick between HOSA man and yua man Osman explained it appears Angela and Osman are feuding again for some unknown reason and it’s not the first time that this has happened 90-day fiances Angela and Osman first got into a fight during an episode of 90day there is all in 2021 Usman had said I’ve been doing well my life is good right now to host sha Robinson and Angela who was also a guest on the show claimed that it had always been osman’s plan to make himself well Angela accused him of being a scammer who gave Nigerians a bad name Usman asked her to prove he was a scammer Angela claimed it was because of people like Usman that Michael’s US Visa was getting delayed you sound like asterisk asterisk asterisk when you sing you’re out of tune she asked”


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