BIG NEWS! Seeking Sister Wife: Dannielle Got Pregnant After Leaving Garrick?


Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield were on Seeking Sister Wife season 3. They were looking for a second wife for Garrick. A lot has happened since then, and the pair is returning for season 5.

The two were also in season 4, where they found a Brazilian woman, Nathalia, as the next candidate. Dannielle and Garrick seemed to be over having another child, as they already had two children. But now, fans think the pair had a baby. They also believe Dannielle gave birth after leaving Garrick.

Seeking Sister Wife: Did Danielle & Garrick Have Another Kid?

When Dannielle and Garrick started looking for a sister wife, they found Roberta. She was the perfect candidate. Unfortunately, she turned out to be a “scammer.” In season 4, the Seeking Sister Wife couple found another candidate, a Brazilian woman named Nathalia.

Dannielle liked Roberta, but she still didn’t trust Nathalia. Fans also saw Dannielle divorce Garrick so he could marry Roberta. But she isn’t ready to make the same sacrifices with Nathalia yet. However, fans think that she and Garrick recently had their third child. They think she happened during their separation.

Seeking Sister Wife

Starcasm’s list of episodes says the couple took a month to be apart. Then, episode 8 says Dannielle has some “shocking news” for Garrick. Fans assume this is about the baby. They point out the signs, like Dannielle’s 8-month social media hiatus in 2023. Dannielle and Garick were also selling their new home, and its photos showed baby stuff.

Many fans don’t like Dannielle staying with Garrick. They don’t understand why she is still sticking with him when he uses religion to cheat on her. So, the Seeking Sister Wife fandom assumed that the pregnancy would be the perfect rationale explanation. They also feel the couple had the baby in secret.

Seeking Sister Wife: Fans Think Dannielle Gave Birth To Baby #3 In 2023

Lately, the fans think Dannielle and Garrick had a third child. The Seeking Sister Wife pair already had two sons at the beginning of the series. Now, they feel the two had a third one, born in 2023. Fans have also pointed out the various hints and clues for it.

Seeking Sister Wife

Dannielle had taken a social media hiatus for eight months. Fans believe they saw her with a baby bump during this time, but there is no photo evidence for it. Then, the fans moved on to videos and photos of the couple when they were selling their new home. Fans spotted baby stuff like a bouncer, crib, baby station, etc., and they also posted it on Reddit.

A few fans believe the baby stuff was to make the house look homey and sell it sooner. However, others think the duo bought it in case Roberta got pregnant. Many fans also pointed out that Dannielle had talked about a “new workout” in her Christmas video. She had said her body had changed a lot last year. The fans feel the pair is keeping the birth under wraps.

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