BIG NEWS!Rose Has a New Boyfriend! | 90 Day Diaries

I wasn’t actively looking for a relationship, but it just happened. I met Greg on social media; he sent me a message, and I replied. Greg is a real estate agent from Australia and has one son. We’ve met twice so far—once in Thailand with my son, Prince, and the second time when Greg came here to meet my family. Greg is older than me, but that doesn’t matter to me.

Yesterday, I picked Greg up from the airport, and today we’re going to the park with friends. Greg introduced himself: “I’m Greg, 54, from Melbourne, Australia.” He then taught me how to skateboard, something I had never tried before. I’m happy to see Prince developing a good relationship with Greg because that’s very important to me.

Despite the short trips and the limited time we’ve spent together, Greg and I have grown closer. Each time we meet, we like each other more. We even joke about our feelings being 101% for each other. We’re discussing the future, including the possibility of me moving to Australia. However, I want to take things slowly to avoid any regrets. Greg understands and agrees that we shouldn’t rush into anything.

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