Breaking News! Shameful! Kody Brown And Aurora Drops New Newlyweds To Be | It Will Shock You

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The dynamics inside the Brown family are considerably more intricate than you might think. Fans of “Sister Wives” know some bonds, but not all. For example, Janelle was Cody’s second wife, but she was already acquainted with Mary, the first wife, before marrying Cody. Janelle was previously married to Adam Barber, Mary’s brother, making her Mary’s sister-in-law before she became her sister wife.

Mary recently spoke about this unusual relationship dynamic. Despite being a plural family, Mary and Janelle didn’t get along well, contributing to the family’s breakup. Mary clarified that her tension with Janelle might have influenced Cody’s decision to take a second wife. Sadly, Adam Barber passed away last year from cancer.

Mary no longer speaks frequently with Robyn, Christine, and Janelle and has moved on from those friendships. She now supports Christine and Janelle’s friendship. The show “Sister Wives” first aired in 2010, featuring Cody, Mary, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. The latest season was filled with emotions as Janelle and Mary left Cody following Christine, causing discord within the family.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the next season, with speculations of an August or September release. Cody’s nephew, Benjamin, mentioned on TikTok that Season 19 might premiere earlier than usual. This season is expected to cover significant events like Christine’s relationship with David Woolley, their wedding, and various family gatherings.

Christine’s daughter, Mykelti, has also hinted at Season 19’s plot, including her pregnancy with twins. Despite the show’s delay in airing recent events, fans are looking forward to seeing the Browns’ next chapter. The family is also coping with the tragic death of Janelle and Cody’s son, Post, which raises questions about how the show will handle this sensitive topic.

In light of these developments, some fans suggest ending the current version of “Sister Wives” since there are no longer any sister wives in the family. Instead, they propose a spin-off featuring Mary Brown. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more updates!

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