Breaking News || Shocking All Fans 😱90 Day Fiance: Robert Is The Father To How Many Kids Exactly?

Robert Springs, known from “90 Day Fiancé,” has made headlines for being a father to many children. Originally appearing on season 7 with his Dominican fiancée, Annie Francisco, their love story began with a social media interaction that blossomed into daily conversations for six months. Despite living in different countries, Robert took a cruise with a one-day stop in Annie’s hometown to meet her in person. After spending just 8 hours together, Robert proposed, and Annie, after receiving a K1 Visa, moved to the US to become a stepmother to Robert’s son, Bryson.

During their time on the show, Robert revealed that he has a total of five children from four different women, a fact that he had kept secret from Annie. This revelation caused tension in their relationship, as Annie felt blindsided and concerned about what other baggage Robert might have hidden. Despite this, they got married and are still together, living in Florida in 2024.

The couple has faced tragedy together, losing their son Adriel in April 2022. Despite this, they announced in 2024 that they are expecting another child, due in November. Robert and Annie have received an outpouring of support from fans and the 90 Day Fiancé community, and they continue to engage with fans through “Pillow Talk” and offering personalized cameos. Their story is a testament to their commitment and love for each other, despite the challenges they have faced.

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