Broke Daddy wants Sugar Baby to Sign PRENUP | 90 Day Fiancé LIP 4×5

Hi, welcome back to another 90 Day Fiancé recap! Let’s dive into Love in Paradise Season 4, Episode 5, starting with Kyle and Annie. Annie is freaking out and crying after realizing how much of a freak Kyle is. She’s confused and doesn’t understand why Kyle can never give her straight answers. She thinks if he truly loves her, he should be able to stop “donating” sperm, which to her feels like he’s just having sex with strangers. Kyle, on the other hand, believes that if Annie truly loved him, she’d be more understanding of his charitable nature.

Annie expresses her frustration to the producers, saying she loves Kyle so much but can’t understand why he won’t stop donating. Kyle, in an attempt to compromise, tells Annie that she can now decide who he donates to. He presents her with three women and asks her to choose, which he sees as a sign of respect and love. This week’s segment for them was thankfully short.

Moving on to Shawn and Aaliyah, Aaliyah meets up with her friend Jackie and shares how happy she is with her new life and identity. Jackie remarks on Aaliyah’s transformation from a shy and reserved person to a confident and happy individual. Aaliyah confides in Jackie that Shawn has been struggling with the transition, missing the old shy and timid Douglas. Jackie points out that these traits are easily manipulated, raising concerns about Shawn’s true feelings.

Later, Aaliyah hosts a beach gathering where she gives a speech to officially say goodbye to Douglas. She throws a picture of Douglas into the fire, symbolizing her farewell. Shawn appears uncomfortable and uncertain, struggling to accept the changes. In future episodes, we’ll see Aaliyah undergo facial feminization surgery and possibly get a bigger booty, and it will be interesting to see how Shawn reacts.

Next, we have Alex and Adriano. Alex and her cousin Tiffany take a pottery class, and Alex opens up about the arguments and disagreements she’s having with Adriano, especially regarding religion and raising biracial children. Adriano’s dismissive attitude towards microaggressions in Italy is a major red flag for Tiffany. As Alex talks, she realizes she’s trying too hard to make things work with Adriano, possibly because she feels societal pressure to settle down by 30.

Tiffany advises her to stop spending time with the wrong guy, as it prevents the right one from showing up. This pressure to conform to societal expectations leads many women to stay in wrong relationships, marry the wrong guy, and have children just to meet a perceived deadline. Alex’s mentor once told her that many of her married friends will likely be single again in ten years, highlighting the high divorce rates.

Finally, we focus on Luke and Melaine. In the previous episode, Luke told Melaine he couldn’t move to Colombia yet, upsetting her. To give her space, Luke meets his American entrepreneur friend Brian, who advises him to consider getting a prenuptial agreement. Brian points out that even though Luke is currently cash-poor, he still has assets to protect, including an investment property in a luxury apartment complex.

Melaine’s mother and father were not present in her life, and she was raised by her grandmother and aunt. When discussing the wedding, Melaine’s grandmother questions Luke about the wedding date, but he hesitates, raising suspicions. Later, at a wedding venue, Melaine expresses her extravagant wedding plans, but Luke admits he can’t afford it right now. He then brings up the prenup, causing tension. Melaine rolls her eyes and feels insulted, questioning his trust in her. Luke remains firm, stating that without a prenup, there will be no wedding.

That’s it for this week’s recap! Let me know your thoughts and predictions for the next episode.

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