Christine Brown Drops Bombshell | Arrest David Woolley | Heartbroken News | Sister Wives | TLC

Christine Brown from “Sister Wives” recently faced scrutiny over a past comment after 18 seasons on TLC. It’s common for stars to evolve in their beliefs, and Christine is no exception. Viewers discovered an old clip where Christine defended polygamy, stating, “I don’t know how monogamists do it.” Given her current stance and remarriage, fans are curious about her thoughts today.

Over the years, Christine, along with Mary and Janelle Brown, have significantly changed their views on plural marriage. As of spring 2024, Christine is the only one of Kody Brown’s ex-wives to remarry. A Reddit user resurfaced the clip, sparking a lively discussion about how people often convince themselves that difficult situations are better than they are. One user noted, “It might be a job that sucks the life out of you or a relationship that’s abusive. Sometimes the only way we can survive is to put on our Pollyanna glasses.”

Many fans expressed happiness that these women found the courage to leave. Another commenter pointed out, “They’ve all said some cringy things about monogamy while trying to find the positives in polygamy. She never knew any better, now she does.”

Christine hasn’t shared much about her life with David Woolley lately, but she did post on Instagram about their landscaping projects. They planted a tree in memory of Garrison Brown, and David built planter boxes for the family. Fans appreciated David’s kind gestures and speculated on Christine’s current perspective on her past comments. How do you think she would react to hearing that old clip today? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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