Christine Rates Co-Wives’ Couches as Dirty, Stained, or Pristine

Sister Wives star Christine Brown tells a story without treading cautiously about the housekeeping habits of her once-co-wives. The TLC celebrity also gets brutally honest about keeping her own house clean.

While fans of the series already have a good idea of each wife’s housekeeping tendencies, Christine’s critique of all four wives’ couches might surprise you.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown – Squeaky Clean?

Christine Brown starts her critique by painting a verbal picture of how Meri Brown keeps her home. She does this by critiquing her couch.

Sister Wives fans have seen the inside of the houses that Meri called home so far through the decade-plus of seasons.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

It’s easy to see she’s neat and orderly, and it shows in the background when the Sister Wives camera films inside her home.

Christine brought up couches after she shared a universal rule passed along to all 18 children. “No eating” in the living rooms of the four houses.

But despite that rule, it still happens. But not at Meri’s house. Christine reports you won’t find a crumb under Meri’s couch and her house is “spotless”.

So, Meri’s couch is in showroom condition, and her then-co-wife suggested it will last her a “lifetime”. It sounds like the original first wife’s home stands as the closest to being flawlessly clean out of all four.

Janelle Brown & Kids – Life Happens In Their Home

Janelle Brown is all about her kids enjoying life. Plus, long ago, she admitted that she had no decorating skills. So Christine Brown helped her with the decor that made her house look like a home.

Sister Wives fans have seen the relaxed look of Janelle’s family while in her house. It sure looks like her children have free rein as far as a snack on the couch.

Plus, her fur babies also have the run of the place. So, when Christine describes Janelle’s couch as having food stains, as well as her rug, that is nothing more than the imprints of living.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Yep, life happens at Janelle’s house as all six of her kids grew up bending that rule. All her kids are adults today.

But growing up, this was a rule meant to be broken in not just Janelle’s home but Christine’s home as well.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Sugarcoats Nothing

Life happened at Christine Brown’s house, very much like Janelle’s place.  Christine said her couch got “really, really dirty, really, really fast”.

She finds wrappers stuffed between her couch cushions. Plus, forks and plates under her couches.

Christine laid it on thick for the critique of her couches. But Sister Wives fans have seen her family in action. Janelle and Christine Brown each have six kids, so life in their homes came with wear and tear on furnishings.

But today with the kids grown, there’s no more tribe jumping around Christine’s house, except Truely Brown. So, her new house with her new hubby looks more like a showroom.

However, she has areas equipped with all the things kids love to play with for when the grandchildren stop by.

But then there’s Robyn Brown. When Christine gave these critiques of the couches, the Sister Wives kids were all still young.

So, while Christine’s digs look much neater these days, fans think Robyn looks like she’s faltering in the housekeeping department.

Robyn Brown’s Couch – Comparison of Yesterday & Today

At the time these couch critiques surfaced, Robyn Brown’s couch was described by Christine as “pristine”. The rest of her house followed suit back then. But something changed drastically for the fourth wife of Kody Brown.

One of the last time cameras filmed inside Robyn and Kody’s house, fans were shocked. Pristine was the last word they would use to describe it.

You can check out the Sister Wives‘ youngest wife’s housekeeping here, with screenshots from inside her home.

Robyn’s house was piled high with stuff. Fans suggest you would be hard-pressed to find an open space to put something down, The desk, countertops, and tabletops were overflowing.

So, it looks like Christine Brown and Robyn Brown traded places. Today, pristine would likely describe Christine’s house more than Robyn’s.

But as one fan suggested after getting a gander at Robyn’s place, it looks like a hoarder lives there. So, there you have it, the famous ladies from the TLC series couches seem to tell their housekeeping tales.

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