Congratulations 😯! Baby No 2! Yara Drop 2nd Pregnancy News To Jovid! Get Ready To Be Surprised


Yara and Jovi from “90 Day Fiancé” are reportedly expecting their second child. The couple, who are enjoying life with their daughter Mila, had previously discussed having another child but Yara wasn’t ready. Recently, fans noticed Yara’s baby bump in photos from a trip to Tulum, Mexico, sparking pregnancy rumors. Although Yara had initially focused on herself and taken birth control behind Jovi’s back, it seems the couple is now ready to expand their family. Fans eagerly await official confirmation as they believe the timing is right with Mila almost 4 years old.

In another storyline, Michael recently arrived in the USA, leading to an emotional reunion with Angela, who worked hard to bring him over despite their tumultuous relationship. Angela never gave up on Michael and expedited the visa process, resulting in a joyous reunion with Michael overwhelmed by emotion.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Alexi faced tension during their trip to Israel when Alexi lost his ring in the same spot where he proposed, sparking speculation about the stability of their marriage. Although they are usually seen as a strong couple, this incident, along with Alexi’s struggle to support Lauren post-surgery, has raised questions about their relationship’s future. Fans will have to watch upcoming episodes to see how these stories unfold.

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