Congratulations! Kody left Robyn! Kody Brown’s New relationship revealed ! sister wives season 19

Robyn Brown’s arrival dramatically altered the course of the Sister Wives household. Known for her cunning methods, she is widely believed to have caused the Browns’ downfall. During the COVID-19 epidemic, it became apparent that Kody, the patriarch, valued Robyn and her children over those of his other wives—Meri, Janelle, and Christine. This favoritism led to significant turmoil, straining relationships between the children and their father, as well as between the spouses.

Many viewers believe Robyn manipulated Kody through frequent crying and presenting herself as a victim, pushing the other wives away. She appeared more laid-back and compliant with Kody’s instructions, resulting in his preference for her. This perceived manipulation is considered a major factor in the family’s dissolution.

Robyn has never been popular with viewers. Her initial appearance on the show, where she gradually revealed her manipulative strategies, marked the beginning of her disfavor. Fans often find her frequent sobbing on the program annoying, earning her the nickname “Sobbin’ Robyn.” Her behavior is seen as more fitting for a monogamous wife than a sister wife, as she often diverted Kody’s attention from his other wives to focus on her and their children.

One of Robyn’s most well-known moments was her statement on purity in season six. She expressed frustration that she couldn’t protect her purity for Kody because her ex-husband, David Jessop, had stolen it. She then gave Kody a locket as a token of her purity, in front of her three children with Jessop. This encounter led to her becoming Kody’s fourth wife and arguably marked the beginning of the end for the Brown family.

Although Robyn claimed to embrace the Sister Wives lifestyle, her actions often contradicted her words. She pretended to be a team player but frequently diverted Kody’s focus away from the other spouses. Her laid-back demeanor and blind obedience to Kody led to him prioritizing her, creating conflict within the family. This dynamic ultimately resulted in Kody unknowingly entering a monogamous marriage with Robyn.

Kody has expressed his unhappiness with the breakdown of his previous relationships. In a Sister Wives Talkback special, a viewer praised Robyn and Kody’s bond, suggesting they take responsibility for it. Robyn quickly covered Kody’s mouth to prevent an outburst, revealing her controlling nature. It is evident that the Brown family was never stable again once Robyn and Kody’s relationship began.

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