Coyote Pass Fallout: Janelle Brown’s Bold Move to Sue Kody – The Inside Scoop on the Legal Battle!

Sister Wives star Janelle has parted ways with Kody and has cut all her ties with her past life. But still, she is stuck financially with the Browns. She had a dream of building her house on her family property in Coyote Pass. The celeb even moved into an RV for the same..


Sister Wives: Will Janelle Sue Kody For Her Funds In Coyote Pass?

Janelle Brown didn’t withdraw her investments like Christine after her divorce. The latter was quick to end her involvement in Coyote Pass, but the former is still tied to it. Sister Wives fans recently saw her crying her heart out because of the same.

She admitted that she was a smart woman, but putting all her money in the Coyote Pass was the worst mistake of her life. Janelle wondered if, after her split, the Browns would cooperate with her in solving the matter or not.

She is currently in her fifties and doesn’t even have anything under her name except a part in Coyote Pass. Hence, some viewers took to Reddit and discussed whether Janelle could sue Kody for her investment or not.

The OP stated that Janelle wasn’t “legally married” to Kody, which would create issues for her in court. Several Sister Wives viewers took to the comment section and stated some alternatives that could be favorable for her.

A user explained that though things would depend on “agreements and contractual obligations,” a few “remedies” could be available for Janelle. Another one pointed out that the Browns kept their money in a “communal account.” So, Janelle can even claim on that.

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Someone even stated that if Janelle was a partner in the LLC with the Browns, she could make a claim on that as well. Yet some fans said that she wouldn’t allegedly be able to make any “legal claim” on anything that is under Kody’s name on papers.

Sister Wives: Does Janelle Wish To Build On Coyote Pass?

Sister Wives fans don’t think that Kody and Robyn would ever think of building on Coyote Pass in the near future. They have been busy with their own lives and have even spent a lot of money on the renovation of their current house.

But it seems that Janelle still hasn’t given up on the prospects of building a house on Coyote Pass. She talked about the same during Season 18 and stated that she was still firm on her decision.

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Janelle also doesn’t feel that Kody would even land up on Coyote Pass and build there. But she has an alternative plan ready if things go otherwise. As per the celeb, if her ex-husband ever plans to construct his house next to her, she wouldn’t hesitate to get a high fence.

Janelle believes that a high fence would be a great option. That’s because she wouldn’t have to interact with Kody and Robyn because of the same.


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