‘Cursed’ Pic Of Truely Brown Has Fans Freaked

Truely Brown was born during the first season of Sister Wives. Since then, fans have enjoyed watching the little girl grow up. Today, she is 14 years old and enjoys hanging out with her mother, stepdad, and older siblings. Her mother Christine loves sharing photos of exciting family outings with fans.

But in one recent Instagram post, many fans did a double take at a photo of Truely Brown and two of her sisters. Keep reading to see the photo.


Truely Brown from Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced from YouTube

Truely Brown Surprises Fans During A Fourth Of July Celebration

Like many other Americans, Sister Wives star Christine Brown and her family celebrated the Fourth of July together with plenty of fun festivities.

But one photo of her youngest daughter Truely Brown caught fans off guard.

Christine and Truely Brown, Sister Wives, Instagram


In the original post, Christine captioned the photos, “A few more pics of our day yesterday. I’d love to hear how you all celebrated!”

She attached several photos of the family enjoying each other’s company. But the second photo was what captured the audience’s attention. Aspyn, Mykelti, and Truely are all seated to watch the festivities. However, something seemed a little off about Truely in the photo.



In the photo, Truely’s right arm appears to be small and at an odd angle. But upon closer inspection, it’s Avalon’s leg. The rest of Avalon’s body is hidden behind her aunt Truely.

Although many fans caught on, it did take many by surprise.

Aspyn Brown Thompson, Truely Brown, and Mykelti Brown Padron from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

Confused Redditors wrote comments including:

  • “That leg makes it look like she’s walking like an Egyptian with a little foot-hand.”
  • “OMGSHHHHHHHHHHHH FREAKY!! That leg and foot/sandal sticking out of her side!! LMAO”
  • “I didn’t even see the foot at first, I was too busy loving her sunglasses.”
  • “This image made me do a double take.”

Fans Think Christine’s Youngest Child Is In A Much Healthier Environment Now

Although divorce brings on many changes and challenges for children, Sister Wives viewers think Truely seems much happier in her new environment. David Woolley seems to be an incredibly hands-on stepfather to Truely. Fans love that she has a stable father figure in her life now. Christine even gave him a special shout-out on Father’s Day and seemed to completely snub Kody Brown.

Overall, the photos from the Fourth of July celebration seem to depict a happy, healthy family — even if fans did think Truely had an extra leg growing out of her arm in one photo.

Did Christine’s photo of Truely Brown at the Fourth of July surprise you? Were you taken aback like the Reddit users? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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