Debbie Revelation Shocking News To Ruben! Patrick Left 90 Day Fiance

Debbie Aguero has responded to her ex, Ruben’s, claims of cyberbullying and stalking. In an Instagram reel on April 22, Debbie, 67, addressed her followers, emphasizing resilience in the face of life’s challenges. Tyree Mullet, her fellow star from “90 Day: The Single Life,” showed support by commenting, “Love you, my friend.” Debbie replied, expressing her gratitude and describing the hate campaign against her as “extremely vicious.”

InTouch confirmed that Ruben, 58, filed a police report on April 12, accusing Debbie of negative online chatter. Ruben doubled down on his claims on April 18, stating that Debbie had started a defamation campaign and portraying her as self-interested. He warned others to beware of her.

The police report follows InTouch’s confirmation that Debbie faked her relationship with Ruben for a storyline on season 4 of “90 Day: The Single Life.” Messages revealed that Debbie sought someone to act as her love interest for the show, emphasizing her intention to finish filming without real romantic expectations. She highlighted using her 15 minutes of fame to generate funds for her creative arts therapy studio and animal sanctuary.

Debbie introduced her relationship with Ruben after her 2023 split from Oussama on “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.” Cameras documented her journey as she traveled to Florida with her adult son, Julian, to meet Ruben in person.

Meanwhile, Patrick Mendes’ career and relationship were sources of tension on season 9 of “90 Day Fiancé.” Patrick, a former bodybuilder and general manager at Vivid Smart Home, faced challenges with his fiancée, Thaís Ramon, who immigrated to the US on a K-1 visa. Financial transparency and family tensions strained their relationship, but they eventually married and welcomed a daughter. Patrick has since expanded into the fitness industry, partnering with Meric Health and offering biomarker analysis services. He also has a Cameo page.

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