Divided All Wife! Kody Brown Drops Bombshell | Robyn Fraud | Heartbroken News | Sister Wives | TLC

Sister Wives fans are buzzing with speculation that Cody Brown, the star of the show, deliberately drove a wedge between his wives, Mary, Janelle, and Christine. The trio’s relationship woes have been a focal point, leading viewers to question if this division was intentional on Cody’s part. Fans theorize that by keeping his wives divided, Cody prevented them from forming a united front against him, possibly to protect his ego.

The dynamics among the wives have been tumultuous, with Janelle and Christine growing closer in Flagstaff, which coincided with them being the first two wives to be pushed aside. This suggests that Cody’s control over them may have waned. Meanwhile, Robyn, often seen as Cody’s favorite wife, has been viewed with suspicion by fans. Many believe that Robyn’s friendship with Mary was insincere, with Robyn possibly using it to manipulate Mary.

Interestingly, the only wives who seemed to genuinely connect were Christine and Janelle, further indicating Cody’s failure to control their relationships. Discussions on Reddit have delved into the idea that Cody manipulated the wives to ensure they only communicated through him, thus maintaining his control over the family dynamic.

Cody’s adult children have also weighed in, noting inconsistencies in their father’s behavior depending on which wife he was with. This has led many fans to believe that Cody played a divide-and-rule game, manipulating the wives to prevent them from ganging up on him.

Overall, the revelations about Cody’s alleged manipulation have sparked intense debate among Sister Wives fans. Many are questioning his intentions and the success of his polygamous lifestyle. The show’s future remains uncertain, but one thing is for sure – fans will be eagerly awaiting further developments.

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