Divorce Confirmed! Gino Kicked Jasmine Out Of The House, Caught Her Cheating | 90 Day Fiance

“You always make me look crazy,” Jasmine exclaimed. “Yes, you do! You’re always defending that goddamn… and you’re comparing me to her!” The drama between Gino and Jasmine, stars of “90 Day Fiancé,” continues to escalate, much to the delight of TLC’s audience. Welcome back to another scandalous and juicy video with your host, not Angela. Today, we’re diving into the latest tea about Gino and Jasmine. After defying all odds and getting married in the last season of “90 Day Fiancé,” their relationship, filled with red flags, has hit another snag.

The footage currently airing on “Happily Ever After?” may be a few months old, but rumors suggest that Gino and Jasmine have already separated. Both have moved on to new relationships. How did this come about, and who are the new people in their lives? Let’s find out.

This couple’s journey has been marred by intimacy and trust issues. Jasmine struggled with Gino’s obsession with pornography, while her fiery and possessive attitude didn’t help matters. Gino, who tried to control her and her finances, further strained their relationship. Their constant fighting has entertained viewers season after season, but many fans are ready to see them off their screens.

The latest bombshell? Jasmine was caught cheating. Recent exposés revealed she had an affair with a man named Matt Brainis, a mechanic and struggling actor. Gino, understandably furious, kicked her out. Fans might remember Jasmine’s past indiscretions, like staying in touch with her ex, Dane, who paid for her butt implants.

Since Valentine’s Day, fans noticed hints on Jasmine’s social media about her new relationship. She flaunted gifts from a mystery man, who was later identified as Matt. Jasmine seems to have a type, often going for handsome men, while Gino was the odd one out. It appears she used Gino for financial stability, a classic case of a gold digger.

In a dramatic mock court hearing, Jasmine’s reasons for cheating and using Gino were humorously deemed absurd. On social media, Gino has also been seen with a new, younger woman, hinting that he is moving on as well. Speculations suggest that both might appear in future “90 Day Fiancé” spin-offs like “The Single Life.”

Only time will tell if their new relationships will sink or sail. For now, the saga of Gino and Jasmine continues to captivate and exhaust their fans.

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