DIVORCE! MINUTES AGO! NEWS! Mykelti Brown & Tony Drops Breaking News! It will shock you!


Mykelti Brown of “Sister Wives” has faced heartbreak following the death of her brother, Garrison Brown. Despite this tragedy, Mykelti has found solace in her children, whom she credits with helping her through this difficult time.

Recently, rumors have circulated about Mykelti’s marriage to Tony Padron, with some speculating about the state of their relationship. Mykelti has responded to these rumors, asserting that she and Tony are still happily married. She shared a photo on Instagram of them enjoying a meal together, emphasizing that they remain committed to each other after seven years of marriage.

In addition to addressing these rumors, Mykelti has paid tribute to her late brother. She shared a touching photo of Garrison with her daughter, Avalum, expressing her deep sorrow at his passing. She praised Garrison for his sense of humor and noted the void his absence has left in their lives.

Meanwhile, another “Sister Wives” star, Christine Brown, has announced a major career change. She has transformed her home into an Airbnb, offering fans a glimpse into her new venture. Christine has shared photos of her beautifully furnished property on social media, inviting guests to experience the enchantment of her home.

However, Christine has faced criticism for some of her choices, including displaying every published story about “Sister Wives” on her walls. Fans have also questioned the pricing of her Airbnb, with some expressing concern over the fees involved.

In light of Garrison’s passing, Gwen Brown has decided to close her business. She has used her platform to share her family’s story and comment on episodes of “Sister Wives.” Following Garrison’s death, Gwen has announced that she will continue to share her previous content but will not be posting anything new.

Fans have expressed mixed reactions to Gwen’s decision, with some supporting her choice for emotional healing, while others criticize her for profiting from her family’s tragedy. As the Brown family continues to navigate their grief, fans are hopeful for their healing and the future of “Sister Wives.

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