ExWife Trouble! Kody Brown Fights With Wives Over Moving From Nevada | Sister Wives

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Kody Brown married Meri, Janelle, and Christine, but his immediate affection for Robyn led to the failure of his previous marriages. Initially, Kody and his three wives had a successful polygamous marriage and were preparing to welcome their fourth sister wife, Robyn, when the show premiered in 2010. However, Robyn’s addition brought turmoil.

By season 18, Kody’s marriages were crumbling. Christine was the first to leave, finding happiness with David Woolley. Janelle followed, announcing her divorce in 2022. Meri, hoping to rekindle their spark, eventually realized it was futile. Kody’s intense love for Robyn overshadowed his other marriages, which began to fail.

Kody’s relationship with Christine worsened during the COVID-19 lockdown as he prioritized Robyn and ignored his other wives and children. This led to Christine’s breaking point when Kody refused to attend their daughter’s surgery. Tensions also rose with Janelle due to Kody’s strict rules during the pandemic.

Meri’s relationship with Kody had been strained for over a decade, especially after an online affair scandal. Despite Meri, Janelle, and Christine expressing their concerns about Robyn, Kody defended his choices, deepening the divide.

Recently, Kody revealed in a TikTok video that he and Robyn are now monogamous, ending his plural marriage aspirations. Fans praised his ex-wives for their newfound independence. Christine is thriving with her web series, Janelle enjoys time with her children, and Meri embraces her new life.

The ex-wives’ radiant happiness after leaving Kody has been inspiring for many, showing that they now have a chance at true freedom and happiness.

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