FINALLY Janelle blames Kody! Kody is Angry! Janelle Share Heartbreaking New! sister wives season 19

After losing her son Garrison in March 2024, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has focused on maintaining her optimism. She entered a polygamous relationship with Kody Brown in the early 90s to create a loving and stable family, having six children: Logan, Madison, Hunter, Robert, Gabriel, and Savana. However, Janelle began experiencing marital problems after Kody married his fourth wife, Robyn. In 2020, Janelle was displeased with Kody’s COVID-19 regulations and ended their relationship in 2022 due to his domineering behavior.

Despite her broken marriage, Janelle has concentrated on her children and work. She and her daughter Savana shared a happy selfie in June 2024 during a road trip to visit her daughter Maddie. Fans praised Janelle for her positivity and dedication to her children. Known for her practical outlook, Janelle enjoys creating memories with her family, such as a recent trip to Disneyland with Gabe and Savana. They shared joyful moments, like sporting Mickey Mouse ears and posing for playful photos.

Janelle continues to find strength in her family and social media support. Following Garrison’s death, she expressed gratitude for the love and prayers from fans. Janelle remains resilient, focusing on cherishing every moment with her children, despite the significant changes in her life since becoming a single mother. While her journey to recovery is ongoing, she is determined to maintain her strength and create lasting memories with her family.

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