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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been cherishing new memories with her children Gabe and Savannah following the tragic death of her son Garrison. Garrison’s loss is a profound heartache, but Janelle ensures all her kids receive her love and attention. Gabe, who discovered Garrison’s body, has found solace through family time and a special tribute tattoo.

Janelle recently shared a heartwarming Instagram post, showcasing a fun evening with Gabe and Savannah at a Korean BBQ. Fans noticed Gabe’s new tattoo, inscribed with “to the stars,” a tribute to Garrison’s favorite movie, Dragonheart. Janelle confirmed that many of her children got tattoos with variations of this quote, reflecting their bond with Garrison.

The Brown family has been honoring Garrison in various heartfelt ways. Janelle, especially, has been focused on creating new memories with her kids, evident from their recent Disneyland trip. She posted cheerful photos from the visit, captioning, “Disney day! Gabe, Savannah, and I made a quick trip to Disneyland,” highlighting their effort to embrace joyful moments despite the grief.

Since Garrison’s passing on March 4, Janelle and her family have been navigating their loss with support and love. Mother’s Day was bittersweet for Janelle, who expressed her emotions on Instagram, acknowledging the pain of her son’s absence while celebrating the memories they shared. The family’s journey of healing includes honoring Garrison’s memory with meaningful tributes, like Gabe’s tattoo, which connects them to the beloved son and brother they lost too soon.

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