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Kody Brown, the patriarch of the famous polygamous family from the TLC show “Sister Wives,” has always been a polarizing figure. Fans initially gave Kody some space after the passing of his father, but discussions about his parenting choices have resurfaced, bringing new scrutiny to his actions and relationships within the family.

Criticism of Kody Brown’s Parenting

Many “Sister Wives” fans are convinced that Kody uses his children as pawns to punish their mothers, particularly Janelle and Christine. This sentiment has gained traction among viewers who observe that Kody appears to favor Robyn and her children, while seemingly neglecting or even punishing the children of his other wives.

For instance, fans recall the painful episode where Kody refused to accompany his daughter Ysabel for her back surgery. His refusal was seen as an indication of his strained relationship with Christine. Such decisions have left a lasting impression on viewers, who see Kody’s behavior as punitive and emotionally neglectful.

The Ysabel Surgery Incident

One of the most egregious examples of Kody’s controversial parenting was his decision not to accompany Ysabel for her critical back surgery. This act, or lack thereof, was perceived by many as a clear indication of his favoritism and neglect. Christine was deeply upset by this decision, and fans rallied behind her, criticizing Kody for his apparent lack of support.

This incident is just one among many that have led fans to believe Kody uses his children to get back at their mothers. The absence of Kody’s support during such a crucial time in Ysabel’s life highlighted the fractured relationships within the family and Kody’s seemingly indifferent attitude toward Christine and her children.

Fans’ Reactions and Insights

Reddit discussions have brought to light how fans feel about Kody’s parenting tactics. One viewer from the UK was particularly shocked by Kody’s apparent strategy of using his children as tools to punish their mothers. This viewer, along with many others, noted that Kody’s actions seem to be driven by his issues with Christine and Janelle, rather than genuine concern for his children.

The absence of Christmas presents for Janelle and her daughter Savannah is another sore point for fans. This act of “ghosting” his own children during a significant holiday was seen as another instance of Kody’s punitive behavior. The emotional impact on the children, particularly Savannah, was evident and discussed widely among fans.

In one of the latest episodes, Kody explicitly stated that he wasn’t spending time with Ysabel or Truly because he didn’t want to see Christine. This blatant admission reinforced fans’ belief that Kody’s interactions with his children are heavily influenced by his relationships with their mothers.

Christine’s Departure and New Beginning

Christine Brown’s decision to leave Kody in November 2021 marked a significant turning point in the “Sister Wives” saga. After more than 25 years of marriage, Christine announced her departure, citing a growing emotional distance between her and Kody. She took to Instagram to share her decision, requesting privacy and understanding as the family navigated this new phase.

Christine’s move to Utah and her subsequent relationship with David Woolley has been a source of joy for her and her fans. She found love again 15 months after leaving Kody and expressed her happiness and fulfillment with David. Christine described David as wonderful, kind, and great with her children, emphasizing how he treated her like a queen and made her feel beautiful every day.

The couple announced their engagement two months later, and Christine couldn’t contain her excitement about their future together. She spoke about the bright and beautiful new chapter in her life, a stark contrast to her tumultuous relationship with Kody.

Impact on Family Dynamics

Kody’s actions and decisions have strained relationships within the family, leading to significant conflicts and eventual separations. Janelle and Meri followed Christine’s example, leaving Robyn as Kody’s only remaining wife. This shift in family dynamics has been a central theme in recent seasons of “Sister Wives.”

Kody’s reflections on his polygamous vision reveal a man grappling with the collapse of his ideals. He admitted that his experiences have changed his perspective on marriage and commitment. Despite initially envisioning an idyllic plural marriage, the reality proved to be far more challenging and fraught with conflict.

Janelle and Meri both acknowledged the difficulties they faced within the family structure. Janelle spoke about the constant clashes with Meri and the tough family dynamics, while Meri highlighted her open-minded approach to future possibilities. Both women, however, did not regret their experiences, emphasizing that they provided valuable lessons and the life they have now.

Christine’s Reflection on Plural Marriage

Despite the challenges and her ultimate separation from Kody, Christine reflected positively on her time with him. She emphasized their successful goal of raising wonderful children and expressed no regrets about her past. Christine viewed her 25 years with Kody as a triumph in terms of family and personal growth.

Christine’s positive outlook and new relationship have inspired many fans, offering a hopeful perspective on moving forward after a long-term relationship ends. Her story serves as a testament to resilience and the possibility of finding happiness and love again.


The ongoing saga of Kody Brown and his “Sister Wives” continues to captivate audiences. Kody’s parenting choices, the departure of his wives, and the evolving family dynamics provide endless material for discussion and debate. As fans follow the latest developments, the story of Kody, Christine, Janelle, Meri, and Robyn remains a compelling narrative of love, conflict, and resilience in a unique family structure.

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