Finally Pregnant! Jasmin Drop Baby NewsTo Gino! Yara Shocked

“Is Jasmine P. pregnant? The ’90 Day Fiancé’ star speaks out and turns off comments amid speculation. The ’90 Day Fiancé’ stars were excited to start a family until Jasmine revealed her previous fertility issues, which put a pause on trying for a baby. Rumors suggest Jasmine has moved on with Matt Rance, a man she reportedly met at Planet Fitness. Allegedly, Gino kicked Jasmine out when he discovered her unfaithfulness, but they have yet to clarify their relationship status.

Jasmine recently addressed pregnancy rumors on Instagram after receiving numerous comments about her midsection’s appearance. Wearing a lime green dress, her followers assumed her puffier abdomen indicated a pregnancy. Jasmine responded in her Instagram stories, joking and clarifying that she was just bloated due to her period. She emphasized that body shaming led her to disable comments on her posts.

Despite the speculation, Jasmine is a mother to two sons and has not confirmed any plans to have a baby with Gino. The couple’s online activity continues to confuse fans about their marital status.

In another ’90 Day Fiancé’ storyline, Yara Zaya faced criticism for dressing provocatively, influenced by her husband Jovi Dufren’s obsession with strip clubs. Yara has expressed her discontent with Jovi’s preferences but recently appeared to accept them, even joking about it publicly. This change surprised fans, who previously saw her ready to end her marriage over the issue. Yara’s recent makeover and revealing outfits have led viewers to believe she is imitating strippers to please Jovi, leading to further criticism and debate about their relationship.

Jasmine and Gino’s relationship remains uncertain, and their future plans for a family are unclear. As rumors persist, fans remain intrigued by their ongoing drama and speculations about Jasmine’s pregnancy.”

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