Finally Separated 😭! Yara Drop Bombshell Shocking News To Jovi! Prepared To Be Shocked

Where are Jovi and Yara living now? The “90 Day Fiancé” stars have moved to Florida, leaving behind their family in New Orleans. Jovi shared an emotional video on Instagram showing their move, which included heartfelt goodbyes to his parents and grandmother. They expressed concerns about starting a new life in Miami but decided to make the move after much deliberation. Jovi mentioned that their daughter Mila is happy and enjoying life in their new city.

Yara recently played a hilarious prank on Jovi by welcoming him home from the airport with a sign saying, “Welcome home from rehab, daddy,” which she shared on Instagram. This humorous tradition shows the lighter side of their relationship.

Their marriage faced challenges, especially due to Jovi’s visits to strip clubs. During a therapy retreat, Yara confronted Jovi about his behavior, and he promised to stop visiting strip clubs to save their marriage.

Jovi and Yara met on an online dating app, maintained a long-distance relationship, and eventually got married in February 2020. They welcomed their daughter Mila in 2021. The couple shared their journey on “90 Day Fiancé,” including the heartbreaking experience of a miscarriage before Mila’s birth.

Despite initial concerns from Jovi’s mother about the move, the family is now enjoying their new life in Miami. Jovi and Yara’s Instagram post on May 26 confirmed their relocation, showing them embracing beach days and outdoor activities. Their decision was primarily driven by Yara’s feelings of loneliness and unhappiness in Louisiana, but it has proven to be a positive change for their family.

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