Finally Separated! Garrick & Dannielle Hinting At Divorce | Seeking Sister Wife

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield from “Seeking Sister Wife” are hinting at a potential divorce. They have been part of the show for a long time but have struggled to follow a polygamous lifestyle successfully. Despite getting close to marrying multiple women, all the potential sister wives have left. Fans find it problematic that Garrick often looks for women from different countries who are much younger than him. This has caused insecurity and jealousy issues for Dannielle.

Viewers feel that polygamy is something only Garrick wants, and Dannielle is merely going along with it. Many believe they will soon divorce. The couple joined “Seeking Sister Wife” a few seasons ago, claiming that their desire for a polygamous family was a sign from God. However, their attempts to add sister wives like Roberta, Lea, and Nathalia have failed. Fans suspect that Nathalia’s intense reaction to Dannielle’s third pregnancy will cause further problems in their bond.

Comparisons have been drawn between the Merrifields and the Brown family from “Sister Wives,” with speculation that Dannielle might follow in the footsteps of Janelle, Christine, and Meri and leave Garrick. Dannielle has stated that she believes struggles and trials exist in every relationship and that some bonds work out while others don’t. However, fans remain unconvinced, repeatedly noting that she doesn’t seem happy in her marriage with Garrick.

During the show, Garrick went to Brazil to marry Nathalia, but Dannielle discovered her third pregnancy and Nathalia’s reaction was negative. She assumed the couple was using contraceptives, but Garrick and Dannielle explained that they hadn’t been using protection for years, making the pregnancy a surprise. This revelation may have caused turmoil during their trip.

Fans noticed that the show was filmed almost a year before its TV premiere and went to Nathalia’s Instagram, where they found out she had procured her license to practice law in Brazil. This led to speculation that Nathalia had a falling out with Garrick and Dannielle and that they are no longer together.

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