From Paradise Men To Hoarder’s Paradise — Michael Reacts To Angela’s Messy Room!

Angela and Michael are finally living their dream in the new 90 Day Fiance episodes. They have wanted to live their life in the US ever since they began their relationship. But that dream began to feel impossible and out of reach after multiple rejections. Well, they finally defied the odds and made it to Georgia in the previous episode.


90 Day Fiance

Michael finally got to see Angela’s home with his own eyes instead of his phone screen. Well, the experience was not how he expected it to be. What did he have to say? How did he react?

90 Day Fiance: Angela Shows Michael Her Messy Room! This Is How He Reacted

Angela and Michael depict their visa journey in the latest Happily Ever After season. After many fights and turmoils, they finally decided it was time to bring the latter to America. 90 Day Fiance fans had seen their visas rejected in the past and assumed the same would happen this time around, too. Well, they were wrong, as Michael made it to America.

As per a clip from the upcoming episode, Michael was in shock. His expectations and reality were quite different. When he reached Angela’s home and got to see her room, it was a mess. The whole place had clothes and toys lying around everywhere. He joked whether it was a shop for clothes. Well, Angela tried to defend herself, so she packed for Nigeria in a hurry and scattered the room. At the same time, she said the toys belonged to her granddaughter.

Well, Michael, being calm, said he “got her.” He assured Angela that he would help her arrange the place together. Well,90 Day Fiance fans had quite the laugh in the comments section. They said Angela’s personality matched her room. Others enquired whether it was “90 Day Fiance” or 90 Day Hoarders.

90 Day Fiance: Angela In Canada After Splitting With Michael! Finding Love Again?

Angela and Michael were in America by January 2024. The episodes from Happily Ever After were filmed a few months ago. Hence, tons of shocking things have happened since then. The latter escaped from his wife’s home after a few months with his burner phone. He has started living in Indianapolis. After a missing persons report for him, Michael called the cops and told them he ran away as he feared for his life.

Since then, Angela began tagging Homeland Security on her Instagram, trying to expose her husband for scamming her. Well, 90 Day France viewers are happy for Michael. They feel he deserves to be away from her after how much she mistreated him. Well, it seems like even Angela is ready to turn over a new leaf. Fans spotted her in Canada.

Angela had united with her old crush, Billy i.e., the Tiktok star Thief Of Hearts. They had something going on in the previous season of the show. Fans also spotted them dancing in a viral clip and assume the meemaw is ready to rekindle things after being a single lady.

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