General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Makes Nina Fall in Love & Then Breaks Her Heart?

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Makes Nina Fall in Love & Then Breaks Her Heart?

General Hospital Spoilers Drew Makes Nina Fall in Love & Then Breaks Her Heart?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that fans are still wondering about Drew Cain’s (Cameron Mathison) motives when it comes to Nina Corinthos (Cynthia Watros). Drew hired Nina back at Crimson, but it’s always felt like he had a hidden agenda.

Of course, there’s a new development now that Drew’s hooking up with Nina behind closed doors.

GH fans know Nina and Drew shared some hot moments in Drew’s office recently – and that trend will continue with more erupting passion soon.

Drew can’t be trusted since he’s been craving payback ever since he found out Nina was the SEC snitch who took him down for insider trading.

That led to Drew’s sentence at Pentonville, where he was beaten within an inch of his life – not to mention he lost more time with Scout Cain (Cosette Abinante) while he was there.

Now Drew is suddenly hiring Nina back at the magazine and steaming the place up with her, so what’s happening here?

Could Drew have some sort of long-game revenge plot in motion?

Nina wants Drew to help her make some progress with Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen), so he might dupe Nina with a few helpful moves and continue his path of deception.

Drew previously talked about how much he wanted Nina to lose everything, so maybe that’s still the plan.

It’d be quite the twist if Drew made Nina all in love with him – only to break her heart in the end.

Drew might hope to make sure Nina’s marriage to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is truly over and then pull her even closer as a setup for more romantic devastation.

It’ll take time if that’s what Drew’s plotting, but it’s interesting to think about his long-game vengeance and the idea that he might make Nina feel like they’ve found true love.

Will Drew pretend to slowly drop his guard and act like he’s genuinely falling for Nina?

Could it reel Nina in and make her love Drew back before heartache hits?

If so, there’s a chance Drew might actually fall for Nina somewhere along the way and have to abandon his scheme.

No matter how things play out, we’ll bring you updates on any twisted love story predictions.

General Hospital spoilers say Nina and Drew’s messy storyline will move forward, so stay tuned for news on where that’s really headed.

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