Get Ready To Shocked By Who is Baby Father 🤔? Chantel Very Confused Her Baby Bump

Pedro Gimeno recently took a mean dig at his ex-wife, Chantel Everett, amidst rumors that she is dating musician Drake. Pedro, a star of “The Family Chantel,” shocked fans by throwing shade at Chantel on Instagram. The 30-year-old reality star is best known for his debut on “90 Day Fiancé” Season 4 with Chantel. Their popularity led to a TLC spin-off that showcased the ongoing drama between their families. However, fans were surprised when “The Family Chantel” Season 4 featured Pedro and Chantel’s split, with shocking accusations against each other.

According to reports, the pair filed for divorce in May 2022 and have restraining orders against each other, with Chantel’s family accusing Pedro of a marriage scam. Fans have closely monitored Pedro and Chantel’s Instagram accounts for any gossip about the couple. Pedro, who began distancing himself from Chantel, started spending more time with his colleagues, leading to accusations of infidelity. Recently, he was spotted vacationing in Peru with his young co-worker Antonella Veronicus and her family, sparking further rumors.

Meanwhile, a source close to Drake has confirmed that the Grammy-winning singer has been pursuing Chantel since her split with Pedro. Pedro seemingly confirmed the rumor by wishing Chantel luck in her new relationship with Drake in a now-deleted Instagram story, adding a song by Lil Wayne. Fans slammed Pedro for his immature behavior, with many expressing support for a potential Chantel and Drake relationship. Some fans criticized Pedro for being bitter about Chantel’s new boyfriend, urging him to move on now that he has his green card.

Despite Pedro’s negative comments, fans believe Chantel will achieve her goals and succeed in life, regardless of who she dates. The ongoing drama between Pedro and Chantel continues to captivate fans, who are eager for more updates on their lives.

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