Get Ready To Shocked Yara Betrayal To Jovi 🤔! Happy Family getting Sad

Yara, a beloved couple from ’90 Day Fiancé’ with her husband Jovi, has recently faced backlash for her choice of company. Despite being a fan favorite, Yara has received hate for hanging out with Darcy Silva, an alum disliked for her plastic surgery and drama. Yara and Jovi, who share a daughter, have had their share of ups and downs, even considering couples therapy. During their time on ’90 Day: The Last Resort,’ Yara shocked Jovi by revealing a big secret – she had been secretly taking birth control without his knowledge, despite his desire for a second child.

Yara’s association with Darcy has stirred controversy, with fans concerned that Yara might adopt Darcy’s controversial traits. However, Yara remains confident and asserts her independence, indicating that she won’t be influenced negatively. Yara’s past friendships with controversial figures like Lauren suggest that this isn’t a new pattern for her.

In a separate development, former ’90 Day Fiancé’ star Julia Trina has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past year. Initially facing challenges with her in-laws after marrying Brandon Gibbs, Julia eventually won their acceptance and support. However, she struggled with various personal issues, leading to weight gain and a decline in mental health.

Despite these challenges, Julia has made a remarkable comeback, showcasing her weight loss journey on social media. Her journey has inspired many fans and fellow cast members, who admire her resilience and positivity. Julia now looks forward to new milestones in 2024, embodying the American Dream she set out to achieve.

Get Ready To Shocked Yara Betrayal To Jovi 🤔! Happy Family getting Sad 🥲!  - YouTube

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