Gino Smells Like WET DOG, Angela CAUGHT Michael in MORE LIES | 90 Day Fiancé (HEA 8×13)

In the latest episode of “90 Day Fiancé,” Jasmine and Gino embark on a quest for a new washing machine after their old one breaks down after 23 years. Jasmine is relieved that she will no longer have to endure the smell of Gino’s musty clothes. Gino seems more than willing to shell out money for what he deems important, but Jasmine is frustrated that he doesn’t prioritize her needs, like her upcoming beauty pageant. The couple discusses the importance of washing machines and the environmental benefits of using Earth Breeze laundry detergent sheets.

Meanwhile, Angela confronts Michael about his questionable behavior, including his involvement in a group chat for men going through the K1 visa process. Angela discovers suspicious money transfers and becomes convinced that Michael is leading a scam to help men find American wives. The confrontation escalates, with Angela throwing beer at Michael and storming off.

In other news, Kobe and Emily’s storyline sees no significant developments, while Manuel struggles to understand Ashley’s student debt. Sophie’s mom pressures her to break up with Jim, and Ed and Liz get into a heated argument over rent and storage units.

Overall, the episode is filled with drama and tension, setting the stage for more explosive moments in future episodes.

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