Gino Takes to Social Media to Expose Jasmine’s lies on the Show

Gino may not be the best husband in the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise, but no one deserves to endure mental and financial abuse. His Panamanian wife’s actions were unjustifiable, especially considering he did everything to support her, including agreeing to be on reality TV, paying for her plastic surgeries, and bringing her to the United States. From the start, their relationship orbited around Jasmine’s every whim, while Gino only longed for a wife and a baby. Despite Gino’s efforts to fulfill Jasmine’s needs, she unexpectedly left him for Matt, a 37-year-old Romanian fitness instructor in Michigan. Jasmine fell out of love as soon as Gino started spending less money on her.

Matt’s entrance changed the couple’s dynamic, as he became Jasmine’s backup plan if things didn’t work out with Gino. Frustratingly, Gino can’t share his side of the story due to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with TLC, preventing him from revealing the true extent of the chaos Jasmine brought into his life. This restriction compounds the pain and struggles he faces in dealing with the relationship’s aftermath.

This week, the 55-year-old reality TV star threw shade at his estranged wife by posting an Instagram story to set the record straight. Gino stated he opened a joint bank account for Jasmine only one month after she arrived in Michigan and made his individual account a joint account so Jasmine could buy necessities like tampons whenever needed. Gino’s recent post confirmed what many suspected: Jasmine is a compulsive liar who will say and do anything on reality TV. She hid that Gino financially supported her before and after she arrived in the U.S. and didn’t mention her online income from platforms like OnlyFans and Cameo. Jasmine likely keeps her online income low-profile to avoid paying taxes. In her last TikTok live, she claimed she has no green card and can’t work legally in the U.S. or travel outside the country.

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