Goodbye !! Breakup !! Mykelti share hidden facts about Robyn

After her split from Cody Brown and the plural family, Christine Brown moved to Utah with her kids, where she is living a happy new life. This move has brought her closer to her daughter Mykelti and granddaughter Avalon. The most notable recent development is Mykelti and her husband Tony Padron welcoming twin boys. Christine has been sharing her new happy and fulfilled life with her Instagram fans.

While the present episodes of Sister Wives are showing Christine leaving the plural family, in reality, she has moved to Utah for a long time and has settled there, bonding with her kids and grandkids. Her family is in a joyful mood due to the latest additions, Ace and Archer. Christine cherishes being a grandma and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Now she has her hands full with three grandkids.

Christine has been speaking on the weekly show about her split from ex-husband Cody Brown. She recently posted several photos of herself with the new babies and their parents on Instagram, expressing her joy and blessing. She also mentioned how incredible Mykelti’s recovery is going, with nurses being amazed by her progress. Sister Wives fans are happy that Christine was brave enough to leave her plural marriage and believe it was the best decision she ever took. She shines effortlessly and bonds more and more with her children.

It is unknown if Christine is seeing anyone else, but this may not be the right time for a new relationship as her hands are currently full of kiddos. Despite this positive turn, there seems to be lingering tension from her past relationship with Cody Brown. Cody mocked Christine at her going-away party, indicating unresolved issues between them. Cody’s behavior at the party, as captured by TLC cameras, showed his discomfort and lack of acceptance of Christine’s decision to leave.

While Cody may not agree with Christine’s decision to leave, it seems the other Browns support her choice. Gabe Brown mentioned on camera that he would do the same if he were in Christine’s position. Sister Wives fans are eagerly anticipating the next season, as Christine hinted at in a recent social media post. They’re excited to see her living her life apart from her toxic marriage with Cody.

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