Heart Breaking 😭 News!! 90 Day Fiancé’s Michael Lashes Out After Fan Accuses Him Of Scamming Angela

Michael Ilesanmi, star of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After,” faced backlash after Angela Deem exposed his alleged scam on the show. Michael, a 35-year-old from Lagos, Nigeria, began dating Angela from Georgia in 2018, and the couple debuted on “Before the 90 Days” Season 2. Their relationship was tumultuous, marked by Angela’s trust issues and Michael’s actions. In February 2024, Michael went missing from Angela’s house after moving to America.

Angela found evidence that Michael was hiding money and was an admin for a WhatsApp group called “Paradise Men,” which she believed targeted older white women for visas. A fan accused Michael on Instagram, leading him to angrily demand proof. Despite the show’s portrayal, Michael insisted the group was for sharing visa information. However, Angela discovered chats suggesting he might be involved in a money ring, including one where Michael shared her tax returns.

Angela consulted an immigration lawyer and confronted Michael, leading to a heated exchange where he snatched her phone. Despite their brief happiness in America, they split after filming the Season 8 tell-all. The true nature of Michael’s involvement with “Paradise Men” remains uncertain, but Angela’s actions indicate her serious concerns about his intentions.

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