Heartbreaking News! 90 Day Fiancé Star’s Hidden Secrets – Age, Job, Instagram, and Beyond!”

Natalie Mordal, a cast member of “90 Day: The Single Life,” has sparked intrigue with her relationship with Josh Weinstein, who is four years her senior at 42. Josh, the CEO and creator of Preview Models, is known for planning lavish freebies for influencers and celebrities. Their relationship has recently become serious, leading to drama on a recent episode of the show, hinting at potential issues in their paradise.

Before dating Josh, Natalie was engaged to Mike Youngquist, a relationship that ended in divorce papers filed in 2024. Despite criticism from fans, Natalie has moved on and is now dating new men in Florida.

Josh, originally from Los Angeles, has a diverse background, including acting in plays. He founded Preview Models in 2015, a company that introduces upcoming models to agencies and organizes high-end fashion shows and giveaways with influencers and celebrities.

Despite the drama in their relationship, Natalie and Josh have been seen cuddling and kissing on the show. However, recent episodes have shown friction between them, indicating that not everything is perfect in their paradise.

Josh’s Instagram plays a significant role in his work, showcasing the glamorous world of Preview Models. His company has been linked to America’s Next Top Model and is known for organizing the Preview Models fashion show in Hollywood.

As their relationship unfolds on “90 Day: The Single Life,” fans are eager to see how Natalie and Josh navigate their differences and whether their love will stand the test of time.


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