Heartbreaking News!90 Day Liz And Big Ed! Very Heart Breaking 😭 News! It Will Shock You!

“90 Day Fiancé” star Liz Woods has stirred up speculation about her relationship status by flaunting her alleged new boyfriend on social media, despite Big Ed Brown’s insistence that they are still together. Liz, known for her previous relationship with Big Ed on “90 Day: The Single Life,” has been spotted with a new mystery man, leading to rumors of a split. While reports suggest they are married with joint property, there is no concrete evidence of their current status. Liz’s recent Instagram posts portray her as happy and potentially in a new relationship, hinting at a possible move on from Big Ed.

The couple’s relationship has been tumultuous, marked by 13 breakups, sometimes on camera, stemming from issues of insecurity and trust. Despite never being seen with a wedding ring and lacking documentation of marriage, they have purchased a house in Arkansas, with Liz primarily residing in San Diego. Recently, Liz celebrated New Year’s Day with a mystery man, sharing an Instagram story where they held hands, sparking further speculation.

Liz is slated to appear in “90 Day Diaries” season 5, detailing her journey post-Florida Keys Resort on “90 Day: The Last Resort.” Meanwhile, Big Ed has suggested their participation in “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After” season 8. Despite Big Ed’s claims of their continued relationship, Liz has been posting about her dates with the unknown man, hinting at a possible new romance.

The reveal of Liz’s new relationship has surprised many, especially those who had read about her supposed wedding with Big Ed in August. Discussions online have highlighted Liz’s apparent fatigue and emptiness when with Big Ed, suggesting a negative impact on her. However, recent photos show Liz smiling and appearing to have lost weight since her last appearance on “90 Day: The Last Resort.”

With a year passing since the show’s filming, it seems Liz and Big Ed may have broken up for the 14th time, with this potentially being the final split if Liz is genuinely happy with her new boyfriend. Liz’s apparent thriving post-breakup raises curiosity about her future, especially now that she is supposedly no longer with Big Ed.


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