Hot news ! 90 Day Fiancé’s Michael Ilesanmi Shocks Fans with Devastating News!

90 Day Fiance star Michael Ilesanmi is no longer dependent on Angela Deem. He initially entered America at the latter’s mercy and did everything according to her whims and fancies. However, the celeb has now started a completely new chapter of his life, and he isn’t looking back.

Michael lately has been flaunting his new life on social media these days. But that’s not all. Ilesanmi now has new relationships in America, and he isn’t alone at all. The celeb recently flaunted the new bonds that he has made in the States and how happy he was with them.


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90 Day Fiance: Michael Shows Off His NEW Bonds On Social Media!

Michael Ilesanmi landed in America during a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. He almost had tears in his eyes as his dream was finally fulfilled. The celeb was a Nigerian American and proudly wore a jacket with the flag of the States. Hence, it is evident that he loved the country the moment he entered.

That could be the reason why Michael appeared to be the happiest person alive on the 4th of July and celebrated it as well. But he wasn’t alone at all. The celeb shared a clip in which he was surrounded by many people. All of them seemed to be treating Ilesanmi as their own family and the strong bond they had was evident.


Michael evidently has joined a soccer team as well. He played soccer with his buddies and celebrated the big day. The celeb even had a cookout with his team. This made it clear that playing soccer has ended up making him a lot of friends, and he is happily living in Texas these days. Though viewers initially felt that Michael would rush to Indiana, Angela confirmed that her estranged husband was in Texas.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Has A Question For Michael

While 90 Day Fiance star Michael was busy celebrating America’s independence, Angela Deem didn’t leave a chance to bring him down again. Apparently, the latter has been full of anger and rage, and she isn’t able to accept that her husband dumped her. Fans recently learned that Michael ended up running just a few days after Deem welcomed him to America.

That is why Angela was curious to know who gave Michael the right to celebrate 4th July in America. She took to Instagram and shared a clip in which she asked her audience the same. Deem wondered how a Nigerian could celebrate a day that was meant for Americans after coming on her visa to the States.

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MerryPants recently reshared the noted story along with Michael’s post of celebration. Viewers were in disbelief and wondered to what extent she would go to demean her former husband. Several fans suggested Angela move on in her life just the way Michael did. However, she is determined to make the latter’s life hell and isn’t giving up.


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