HOT NEWS TODAY!‘Sister Wives Season 19’: David Woolley Joining Cast & More Details

For the record, TLC has not yet confirmed a 19th season of Sister Wives.

We have not yet heard from producers of the reality show or executives from the network.

However, Christine Brown sat down last week with People Magazine and made two things very clear:

ONESister Wives Season 19 is very much on the way!



TWO: Her brand new husband will play a major role on it!

Christine Brown and David Woolley look so cute in this photo from Sister Wives
Christine Brown and David Woolley look so cute in this photo from Sister Wives. (TLC)

David Woolley Joining ‘Sister Wives’ Season 19 In BIG WAY

“People are going to be seeing a lot with the two of us,” Brown recently told this publication in joint interview with David Woolley, adding:

“I’m really excited for everybody to meet David more, because he’s really genuine.”

As loyal Sister Wives fans know, Christine split from Kody Brown in November 2021, writing on Instagram back then:

“Kody and I have grown apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave…

“We will continue to be a strong presence in each other’s lives as we parent our beautiful children and support our wonderful family.”

Christine Brown on TLC with David Woolley
Christine Brown gesture here at David Woolley during his first Sister Wives appearance. (TLC)

Christine later met Woolley on a dating website and went public with the relationship on Valentine’s Day of 2023.

“I finally found the love of my life, David,” she said at the time, clearly very smitten.

“The first time he held me close, it felt like my soul took it’s first breath. He’s wonderful and kind, incredible with my children and an adorable grandpa.

“I never dreamed I could find a love like this.”

David Woolley on Sister Wives
David Woolley sits alongside Christine Brown in this scene from Sister Wives. (TLC)

David Is Already Used To The Cameras

Fast forward to October of last year, and Christine and David were married!

Woolley did sit alongside Brown for a discussion on the Sister Wives one-on-one special that aired in December, but Season 19 will make his first legitimate run as a cast member.

“They threw me to the wolves,” joked Woolley to People, who said he “never wanted to be on camera” before meeting and falling for Christine.

He’s accepted and embraced this new aspect of his life, however.

Christine Brown in front of the camera
Christine Brown is featured in this Sister Wives interview. (TLC)

“Listen, I tried, but then I ended up talking over him and then I feel really bad,” Brown jumped in with People, explaining how she has done all she can to take the lead on air.

“When the interview with the one-on-one with [host] Suki [Krishnan], she was like, ‘How did you propose?’ And I’m like, ‘Let me tell you.’ And I just totally took over.”

Christine, of course, has been doing this for an extremely long time.

She’s comfortable in front of the camera and she started early on to gauge Woolley’s interest in joining her on screen someday.

Christine Brown on TLC episode
Christine Brown looks directly into the camera and gets serious in this Season 18 confessional scene. (TLC)

Said Christine on this topic:

“Once we start talking, I’m like, ‘What do you think about filming a date?’ And he’s like, ‘Oh, what does that even mean?’

“So I broke it down a little bit and I didn’t really prepare that much and I didn’t know I didn’t prepare him enough.

“But now he’s on more episodes.”

Christine Brown is featured in this screen capture from a Sister Wives Season 18 episode. (TLC)

Sister Wives Season 19 Premiere Date? TBD

No premiere date has been set for Sister Wives Season 19.

It will include Christine and David; a now-single Janelle Brown; Meri Brown and maybe her new boyfriend; and then Kody and Robyn Brown, who remain legally married.

“I don’t really prepare him for things,” Christine concluded to People.

“It’s like, this is what it is. This is what we’re talking about kind of a thing. We’re going to meet and have a People Magazine interview…

“But he’s just authentic and real and I think that shines through. I think that he comes across really well just because he’s just himself.”

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