How Did Michael Finally Become an American Citizen After Scamming Angela? #90dayfiance #tlc

Angela’s life has taken a wild turn as she grapples with the revelation that her husband, Michael, has been scamming her. Despite the chaos, Angela is determined to protect herself and her family. In a recent episode, Angela contacts an immigration attorney after discovering Michael’s involvement in a money ring. Shocked and desperate, she learns that Michael has been Googling life insurance, raising her suspicions even further.

The couple’s K1 Visa was previously rejected, and after marrying in Nigeria in 2020, Michael’s spousal visa interview was put on hold. Angela, fearing financial ruin, considers stopping the visa process. However, the attorney advises caution. Angela decides to confront Michael at a hotel, threatening to report him to federal authorities. Michael defends himself, claiming he needed her tax returns for his visa interview, but his excuses fall flat.

The confrontation escalates, and the production crew intervenes. Despite Angela’s threats, Michael makes it to the U.S., leaving Angela behind. Now in Indianapolis, Michael is living his best life, free from Angela’s control. Fans are left wondering how Michael managed to convince Angela and secure his visa. The drama continues to unfold in upcoming episodes.

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