Huge Sad😭News !! 90 Day Nicole Sherbiny Cheat On Mahmoud ! Very Heartbreaking 😭 News!

After 990 days, is it true love? Popular American actor Mahmoud Al Sherbiny accused his wife Nicole of having an extramarital affair in season 8 of “90 Day Fiancé.” Nicole, 40, from Los Angeles, and Mahmoud, 31, from Egypt, were introduced in season 4 of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way,” highlighting their troubled relationship. Nicole traveled to Cairo to offer Mahmoud a second chance just before filing for divorce. Mahmoud restricted Nicole from associating with men and wearing certain clothing. Nicole struggled with these traditionalist expectations and the cultural differences.

Despite converting to Islam, Nicole didn’t share Mahmoud’s religious views. Their language barrier further strained their relationship. Nicole’s attempt to show Mahmoud the American way of life backfired. They met when Nicole was on a spiritual pilgrimage to Egypt and immediately married after a brief encounter. Nicole endured two difficult months in Egypt, leading her to decide on divorce. It was then determined that Mahmoud would move to the U.S. since Nicole couldn’t adapt to life in Egypt.

Reunited at the Los Angeles airport in May 2023, Nicole and Mahmoud had been married on and off for four years. Their most explosive incident occurred when Mahmoud disapproved of Nicole’s attire, claiming she showed too much skin. He requested a divorce and refused to join her for dinner with friends. After a night out, Nicole demanded Mahmoud leave, but when she saw him actually departing, she tried to intervene. Mahmoud booked a $300 hotel stay using Nicole’s credit card without her consent.

Returning only to collect his belongings, Mahmoud informed Nicole he wanted a divorce, sparking another explosive argument. Feeling terrible, Nicole searched the streets of Los Angeles for Mahmoud, who was without a phone. Mahmoud saw her concern and felt she cared, but his decision to leave had already been made.

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