Liz finally sees Ed for who he truly is: an insecure child. Despite her lingering feelings, she wishes she’d never met him. We left Liz in the last episode packing her things to leave their Arkansas home, struggling with the realization that Ed doesn’t care about her. Her emotions run high as she clashes with Ed and her mom. Ed even blames Liz’s mom for not raising her daughter right.

Ed’s immaturity is evident as he constantly deflects blame and never self-reflects. His condescending attitude infuriates Liz, especially when he tries to shift the responsibility for their failed relationship onto her. Liz tries to end things civilly, but Ed makes it impossible, pushing her to the edge with his manipulative behavior.

Liz confronts Ed, hoping for closure, but he only mocks her, making her wish she’d never met him. Despite her tears and frustration, she knows breaking up is the best decision. Ed’s inability to communicate respectfully and his constant need to be right make it clear that he will never change.

Ed’s final words are a sarcastic “have a nice life,” showing he doesn’t care about Liz’s feelings. As Liz breaks down, Ed watches with a smug expression, enjoying the power he still holds over her. Liz realizes that Ed will continue to manipul

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