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Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise, known from ’90 Day Fiancé,’ are facing criticism for their inflated egos and reliance on Emily’s parents. Their journey began in Season 9, where they met in China and had a whirlwind romance that resulted in Emily becoming pregnant three months into their relationship. Despite the delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kobe eventually came to the US, and the couple quickly had another child, getting married while Emily was pregnant with their daughter, Scarlet. In 2024, they welcomed another son.

Currently featured on ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ Season 8 and the ‘Pillow Talk’ spin-off, Emily and Kobe’s behavior has raised eyebrows. When viewers first met Emily, she was living with her parents, David and Lisa, in Salina, Kansas. Kobe joined them and they took over the basement area, heavily relying on her parents for support. Despite breaking David’s rule of not getting pregnant, Emily and Kobe faced no consequences and continued to rely on her parents’ help.

Emily worked part-time as a nanny, and it is likely her parents co-signed Kobe’s K1 visa. Kobe couldn’t work until he received his green card, and after injuring his ACL, he has been unable to work. The couple generates income through Cameo and Instagram promotions, leading fans to speculate they are trying to avoid regular jobs by becoming clout chasers.

Their storyline in ‘Happily Ever After?’ included a trip to Kobe’s native Cameroon, where they had a traditional wedding. Kobe expressed a desire to move his family to Cameroon, but Emily rejected the idea. They continue to have more children and exploit Emily’s parents’ generosity, sparking disdain among viewers.

Meanwhile, Jasmine and Gino, another couple from ’90 Day Fiancé,’ are also making headlines. Jasmine recently revealed she has a waitlist of men wanting to be with her, despite her turbulent relationship with Gino. They first appeared in ‘Before the 90 Days,’ and their fiery dynamic made for compelling television. However, rumors suggest they have parted ways, and Jasmine might be involved with someone new. Despite the chaos, Jasmine insists her connection with Gino was genuine, even though fans have questioned her honesty.

Lastly, Liz Woods has made significant changes in her life post-’90 Day Fiancé.’ After parting ways with Big Ed, she relocated to Seattle with her new boyfriend, Jason. Liz, who previously worked as a restaurant manager, shared on social media that she is resuming her bartending career. Big Ed, on the other hand, has started working as a realtor in Arkansas and has found someone special, enjoying his new career and social life.

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