It’s Over! Meddie Drops Bombshell Shocking News About Janelle’s Money & New Show! It Will Shock You

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is considering a move closer to her daughter Maddie, as she continues to heal from the loss of her son Garrison. Janelle has been sharing her journey on social media, including hints about possibly relocating to be near Maddie’s family. Despite the sadness, Janelle remains positive, spending quality time with her children and grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Cody Brown, the patriarch of the Sister Wives family, has faced criticism for his financial decisions and favoritism toward his fourth wife, Robin. Some viewers believe Cody used religious guilt to manipulate his ex-wives into keeping their money and supporting his lifestyle, leading to rifts in the family.

In other news, Mary Brown, another member of the Sister Wives family, has announced a new project called “Worthy Up,” inspired by her own struggles and pain. Mary aims to create a supportive community where people can share their growth experiences.

However, Janelle’s involvement in the MLM company Plexus has raised concerns. Some fans suspect Plexus of capitalizing on Garrison’s death, as Janelle appeared to promote the company shortly after his passing. While some believe it was unintentional, others see it as a manipulative marketing tactic by the MLM industry.

Overall, the Sister Wives family continues to navigate challenges and changes, with each member facing their own journey of healing and growth.

It's Over! Meddie Drops Bombshell Shocking News About Janelle's Money & New  Show! It Will Shock You – Daily News

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