It’s Over! Sister Wives New Season 19 – Kody And Robyn Destroyed Each Other! TLC’s Shocking Series

It’s possible that Kody Brown and Robyn Brown, stars of “Sister Wives,” hired assistants to clean up their appearances for season 19 of their TLC series after the last two turbulent seasons. There have been hints that Kody and Robyn felt it was necessary to improve their public personas. However, a family member appears to believe that even the most intense cleaning would benefit at least one of them little.

Between the conclusion of the current season and the upcoming new one, Kody and Robyn have stayed silent. In the past, admirers have frequently taken pictures of this pair when they were out and about, but not this time. The only thing that has surfaced online since the previous season is a purported rear view of Kody rushing through a Vegas casino, but the picture is questionable because his face is hidden. Therefore, it’s possible that their new image design includes avoiding public sightings.

Fans speculate that Kody and Robyn might be too far gone for any PR company to salvage their reputations. They are not alone. Tony Padron, Kody’s son-in-law, discussed how a PR company might be needed to make things right. Tony mentioned that Robyn is already using a PR agency. While Tony is skeptical, Mykelti Brown Padron, Kody and Christine Brown’s daughter, seemed more hopeful.

Tony argued that Robyn’s unwillingness to appear on the show makes it difficult for a PR connection to help her. Nevertheless, many viewers think Tony and Mykelti brought this up for a reason. Supporters proposed that Kody and Robyn should have a PR makeover. It seems there could be more to this than just rumors about Kody and his fourth wife renewing their vows.

Kody Brown made his debut to TLC’s audience as a loving father prepared to take on a fourth wife with a quirky sense of humor. Over the seasons, spending more time with Robyn and less with Meri, Janelle, and Christine, Kody’s perspective changed. Viewers may thank Robyn for creating a “monster,” as Kody described himself. As season 18 ended, Kody’s once jovial persona gave way to an enraged victim, influenced by Robyn’s victim mindset and passive-aggressive communication style.

Robyn’s influence led Kody to prioritize their relationship over his others, causing a breakdown in family dynamics. She taught her kids to follow Kody’s rules and expected the other wives to comply similarly. As Kody and Robyn grew closer, the other wives, having tasted independence, clashed with Kody’s expectations. The focus on Robyn created a power disparity, leading to turmoil.

The primary goal of “Sister Wives” was to normalize polygamy for the general public. The family belonged to the Apostolic United Brethren, a conservative Mormon organization. Due to Kody’s mismanagement of relationships, he was ridiculed both in the church and on TV. Blaming everyone but Robyn, Kody’s actions shattered his family. Although there’s a slim chance Kody might turn his life around in the upcoming season, it’s unlikely. Evil Kody earns more money for TLC. “Sister Wives” season 19 will premiere in late summer 2024.

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