Jasmin Sorry For Pregnancy 😭! Gino Drop Bombshell News! Tahis Leave To Patrick

Gino Palazzolo hits back, claiming Jasmine Panita can’t stop lying amid rumors she left him for another man. Hello, lovely viewers, and welcome back to Vogue America with Lucy. “90 Day Fiancé” viewers are blasting Jasmine Panita for lying, and her estranged husband Gino Palazzolo agrees. For months, rumors have swirled that Jasmine and Gino’s marriage is over. Allegedly, Jasmine cheated on Gino with a man she met at Planet Fitness, and she is reportedly living with her new boyfriend after Gino kicked her out of his Michigan home.

Though Jasmine has refused to speak about her private life on social media, her online activity has provided plenty of clues about the status of her marriage. Jasmine has filmed herself alongside a mystery man she affectionately called “Chihuahua” and recently uploaded photos matching those of her rumored boyfriend, Matt Brenis. Subscribe to our “90 Day Fiancé” newsletter for updates.

Amid all the online chatter that Jasmine, 37, and Gino, 53, have split, Gino is speaking out and throwing major shade at his estranged wife. A “90 Day Fiancé” fan account recently uploaded a screenshot of one of Gino’s confessionals during an episode of “Happily Ever After.” In the comment section, many viewers agreed with the caption, and so did Gino. He told a fan that he couldn’t chat about his and Jasmine’s relationship status due to contractual obligations with the show.

In his most recent post ahead of Memorial Day, Gino posed inside a gym, ready to hit the punching bag. When asked by a follower if Jasmine was really with Matt, Gino kept quiet, reiterating that he couldn’t discuss their relationship status during the show’s airing. Despite this, fans speculate that their marriage is indeed over, just shy of their one-year wedding anniversary. Time will tell if Gino and Jasmine will reconcile or join a future “90 Day: The Single Life” cast.

Meanwhile, Tai Ron, another “90 Day Fiancé” star, has fully transformed herself since appearing on the show. The Brazilian woman debuted in season 9, where she married Patrick Mendes. She welcomed her daughter in 2022 and began working on her postpartum body. Tai returned to the reality series in 2024, joining “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After” season 8 to showcase her marital struggles and life as a new mom.

Tai’s new journey started well but worsened during her trip to Brazil to meet her father, who disrespected her husband, Patrick. Tai announced her pregnancy in the season 9 tell-all, revealing her weight gain during the pregnancy. She gained 44 pounds over nine months and proudly showed it off on social media. After giving birth in November 2022, Tai resumed exercising and focusing on her diet, eventually losing 30 pounds within a year.

She clarified that she didn’t resort to liposuction for her transformation and shared that her husband preferred larger implants, but she wanted a smaller physique. Tai’s post-surgery transformation received positive comments, with fans applauding her for naturally dropping weight. Tai has been open about her procedures, candidly sharing her reasons and goals.

In conclusion, Gino and Jasmine’s tumultuous relationship continues to intrigue fans, while Tai Ron’s impressive transformation inspires many. Stay tuned for more updates from your favorite “90 Day Fiancé” stars.

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