Kalani Dump To Dallas After Discuss Next Baby Plan With Asulue 😯! Get Ready To Be Shocked

Kalani Faagata from ’90 Day Fiancé’ recently discussed her pregnancy and family plans post-Asuelu. In a new episode of ‘Vlog America,’ Kalani confirmed she will not be having more babies with her boyfriend, Dallas. This announcement came after a fan on Instagram asked if she desired more children, to which she responded with a clear “no,” sharing a photo of her father holding her new baby.

During her relationship with Asuelu, Kalani made it clear she did not want more children, despite his wishes for a larger family. The couple had two sons together, but their relationship was strained due to Asuelu’s childish behavior and lack of support. Kalani revealed her pregnancy with Dallas while they were in New York City for the filming of ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.’ Despite the challenges during filming, she kept the pregnancy under wraps until she gave birth.

Kalani’s decision to have a child with Dallas might seem sudden to fans, but they managed to navigate their relationship challenges discreetly. They chose not to publicize the pregnancy initially to avoid stress. Both Kalani and Asuelu have remained private about their lives post-breakup, leaving fans wondering if they cou

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