Kara Shocking Revealed: Why She Dumped Guillermo Roja 🤔? You Will Speechless 😱

In a recent episode of Vog America, Kara Bass from ’90 Day Fiancé’ found herself amidst swirling divorce rumors with her husband Guillermo Roja. The couple’s journey began in the Dominican Republic, where Kara, despite being older than Guillermo, embarked on a relationship that led them to join ’90 Day Fiancé’ Season 9. Bringing Guillermo to the United States on a K1 Visa, they navigated typical challenges of living together, culminating in a beautiful wedding and the birth of their first child in November 2022.

Their relationship, however, faced scrutiny due to their age gap and personal differences, including trust issues revealed by Kara’s past. Despite hardships, they remained committed until rumors of Guillermo leaving Kara surfaced in early 2024. Kara clarified that Guillermo had returned temporarily to meet his family due to visa delays preventing her from joining him, dispelling breakup speculations.

While Guillermo maintains a low social media profile, focusing on work, Kara continues to share moments with their son online, reinforcing their bond. The couple’s recent humorous video together hinted at their strong relationship, countering breakup rumors. Meanwhile, Kara explores new opportunities post-’90 Day Fiancé,’ reacting positively to Guillermo’s proposal to relocate to Cameroon for a cultural experience, despite initial hesitations from Emily, her children, and parents.

In a separate development, ’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Stacy Silva and Florian Sukaj have been spotted filming for a new series, sparking speculation about their return to the franchise amidst rumors about their marriage. Their journey, documented since their quarantine wedding, has included ups and downs, with fans eagerly anticipating their potential involvement in ’90 Day: The Last Resort.’ As Stacy and Florian navigate their public and personal lives, questions loom about their future on screen and off, amid ongoing fan interest and scrutiny.

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