Kody KICKED OFF ROBYN as MOST HATED WIFE, AFTER Decision Sell Coyote Pass as Financial Woes Spiral

In a recent video on the “My Sister Y’s 4 Channel,” Robyn Brown from “Sister Wives” was scrutinized for her behavior within the Brown family. Comparisons were drawn between her and infamous characters like Cruella DeVille and King Henry VIII’s Other Woman, suggesting a manipulative and self-serving nature. Despite portraying concern for her sister wives, many viewers find her kindness insincere, citing a history of deception and fake tears.

Robyn’s relationship with Kody Brown, the patriarch of the family, was also highlighted. Critics pointed out that she might have pushed Kody towards monogamy, using her passive-aggressive behavior to manipulate him. Her ability to influence Kody effortlessly was noted, with gestures like batting her eyelashes or making seemingly innocent yet sarcastic remarks about other wives.

The video also delved into the backlash Robyn faces online, especially regarding the tragic passing of Garrison, one of Kody’s sons. Despite turning off comments on her social media posts, insinuations blaming Robyn and Kody for Garrison’s demise continue to circulate. However, Robyn has addressed these allegations, sharing her memories of Garrison and turning the focus to his life’s positive aspects.

The relationship dynamics between Robyn and the other sister wives, particularly Christine and Mary, were discussed. Conflict with Christine has been ongoing, with Christine feeling sidelined and envious of Robyn’s position. On the other hand, Mary’s recent endeavors, including a new job as an owner of an internet platform, have raised questions about Robyn’s true feelings towards her.

The article concludes with a focus on Mary’s business ventures, including her continued partnership with LulaRoe, a clothing line she promoted despite criticism from “Sister Wives” fans. Despite speculation about her motives, Mary continues to market LulaRoe products, suggesting a thriving business. The article invites readers to share their opinions on Robyn and Mary’s actions and promises further updates on the Brown family dynamics.

Kody KICKED OFF ROBYN as MOST HATED WIFE, AFTER Decision Sell Coyote Pass  as Financial Woes Spiral - YouTube

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